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Obsidian Fire by Dwayne R. James

Cover for The Cave of the Sleeping Sword by Dwayne R. James Cover for Book Two of Obsidian Fire Cover for Book Three of Obsidian Fire
Book One: The Cave of the Sleeping Sword
Book Two: Revelations of a Secret Brotherhood
Book Three: Dawn of the Flaming Knight

Mark Allen had been preparing his whole life for this, but when the mystic sword chooses the last person anyone would ever expect instead of him, Mark must swallow his pride, and become the most maligned of all superhero clichés: the sidekick.

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The Flaming Sword is real! Although this is something that should excite Mark, he's having a hard time feeling elated. He and Dirk are on the run, under the protection of the shadowy organization known as the Obsidian Brotherhood and, although the group is sworn to protect the Flaming Sword and serve the new Flaming Knight, Mark is discovering that things are not as they appear to be.






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